Wynstone Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc

Wynstone 2019 Annual Meeeting

Call to Order at

          7:00 P.M.

Approval of Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting

          Motion: 1st Trustee Matt Woessner, 2nd Trustee Perry Kraft

Review of the 2018 Financials


Review of the 2019 Budget

          Tom Kollai ( Apex Property Management Co.) Collection efforts in the early 2019 are up from previous years.

          Erika Finley (Kaman & Cusimano, LLC Attorneys)

                    Gave a brief description of what a Board of Directors accomplish

                    HOA, Not for profit status

                    Renew every 5 years for a corporation such as the Wynstone HOA

                    Explanation of liens, foreclosures, and the cost of liens or removals.

                    Elections for 2019 Trustees

                    Approach to Delinquencies on the rise over the past year

President's Report

          Recent Projects

          Park enhancements

          South Old State Widening/Finishing Wynstone Drive

         * Upcoming items:

          Wynstone Pond enhancements

           Fencing and Pine tree replacements

          Power washing white fence and stone on the entrances

          Replacement of community signs

          Reparing and updateing Wynstone entrance

          Looking fro a grant to repair/replace sidewalk on the North side of Erin Drive along South Old State Road to the park

          Ask City of Columbus for more mulch for the playground and the park trees

          looking into purchasing a shed for the storing Wynstone HOA items

          Plan to dredging the Wynstone pond. Estimates range from $30K-$90K

          Date for Easter Egg Hunt--Apriol 19,2019, starting at 6:30 P.M.

          Block Party Date-- June 1, 2019 4: P.M. until dark at the Wynstone Park

          Garage Sale--TBT; Work with neighboring Communities for bigger draw, Facsbook poll

          Garden Club voluntees needed for work on the entrance Flower beds

Opened floor to Questions the the Homeowners present:

          Homeowner # !:     Asked about sidewalk damage and if members in community could repair the damage.  The board was open to mthis work.

          Homeowner # 2:   Wynstone by the Learning Center was getting flooded. Could the HOA help? Best course of action would be to contact the City of Delaware?Columbus as the homeowner.

          Homeowner # 3:   Why have a pond? Can we get rit of it ? In short NO. The HOA has tried to sell/give to the city of Columbus

          Homeowner # 4:  With all of the projects, could the dues be raised. Yes, we coulkd put it up to discussion/vote. Is an additional $ 20.dollars to much? We have one of the cheapest dues around

          Homeowner # 5: How many homes in this community?  There are 314 homes.

          Homeowner # 6: Are the new Condos behind Korean Church in our HOA?  No they are not.

         Homeowner # 7:  Are all trustees living in the neighborhood?  YES

         Homeowner # 8:  Is the sidewalk off Wynstone tothe park going to be replaced? We believe so. It will be part of the new bike path.

Officer Worthington

          Community Liaison

          Talked about types of crimes/call they are involved with 

          Substation on Sancus opening in 2020

          Asked if we have cameras? the answer is no

          Asked if we had seeen any drug activity

                     Homeowner said she saw some activity around Marchbank Lane & Wynstone Drive

                     Officer Worthington said th get with Officer Larry Geis,our liaison for this subdivision                          614-645-1401

Election of the board of Directors

          Erika Finley discussed the need for 3 morevolunteers

                    2 needed on Sanville Drive and 1 for the rest of community

                    Amy Williamson voluntteered. 2 more needed for Sanville Drive

          Motion to close nomination: 1st Nancy Strauser, 2nd. Mary Thompson

Motion to Adjourn: 1st Homeowner on 652 Wynstone , 2nd Trustee Matt Woessner.

Meeting closed








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