Wynstone Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc

Get HOA clearance before starting improvements or building structures

All Wynstone Homeowners must get their plans and specifications approved by the HOA before building or making improvements on their lot within Wynstone.

In order to get approval for an improvement, homeowners must submit their plans to the baord for review and approval.

These plans should include the following items:

1.) A brief description of the improvement planned.

2.) A design of the improvement with dimensions--the design can be handwritten but must be legible.

3.) Contain the location of the improvement on the homeowners lot

4.) Describe the color and construction materials to be used.

5.) Include the name of the contractor performing the work, the county permit (if applicable) and start and completion date for the project.

The HOA will respond to these requests as quickly as possible but responses may take up to 45 days.  The HOA reserves the right to request more information if needed.   Not all requests may be approved.  An approval by the HOA is not a structural certification.   All homeowners assume the responsibility and liability for improvements made to their lot.

Improvements that are done without HOA approval are subject to the remedies as outlined in the Wynstone and Wynstone Village Deed Restrictions.


Posted by Adam Miller on 01/13/2011
Last updated by amay on 06/03/2015
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