Wynstone Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc

12-12-2016 Minutes

     Wynstone HOA Meeting

     Monday December 12,2016

     Meeting called to order by J Rubertino at 6:40 P.M.


     Review and approve budget for 2017. J Rubertino made a motion to approve, Second by

     K. Wagament.  Approved.

     Post budget and balance sheet ot Wynstone HOA website, www.Wynstone43035.gov.

     Going to talk to Matt, landscaperabout transplanting landscape before road construction tears it      out, place in other beds.  

     Vote on landscape contract, Pond maintaince contacts for 2017.  K.Wagaman made a motion to      approve, J. Rubertino second.  Approved.

     Meeting adjourned by J. Rubertino at 7:35 P.M.

Posted by JamesRubertino on 12/14/2016
Delaware County, Ohio 43035

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